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Dark Waters Inn Mysteries: Books 1-5

Dark Waters Inn Mysteries: Books 1-5 A hurricane, a badge, an inn that never falls into disrepair . . .    In 1900 a massive hurricane wiped out Galveston, killing thousands and leveling the island. One building survived, the Dark Waters Inn. The proprietress made a deal with the angel who watches over Texas. Over the years the island rebuilt. But Dark Waters remains untouched, haunted by a ghost whose […]

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A Nosey Brunch

A Nosey Brunch A paranormal cozy mystery.   Macey’s ex is here from Italy. Will he try to re-establish lost love, or will Texas Ranger Cord Dupree have something to say about it? Meanwhile, a prison van is forced off the road and a werewolf makes a daring escape into the East Texas woods. Cord and his partner set off to track him down. On horseback, with a ghost and […]

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Paws for Lunch

Paws for Lunch A cozy paranormal mystery.   A vampire is killed on The Strand, and Cord Dupree helps investigate along with the dead Texas Ranger whose ghost works as his partner. Meanwhile, ghost hunters book a night at the Dark Waters Inn, and they are set to cause Macey Davenport more trouble than she expects. Don’t miss the exciting second book in this cozy paranormal series! From readper: A […]

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A Bite for Dinner

A Bite for Dinner A paranormal cozy mystery.   Cord Dupree is just a young highway patrolman until he pulls over a werewolf one night. Then a retiring Texas Ranger hands him a century old silver badge. Now he can see a ghost, another Ranger who works the paranormal shift. Macey Davenport’s grandma died and she missed the funeral. But she’s given a dog named Bogey and the keys to […]

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Italian Vacation Love

Italian Vacation Love Some rules were made to be broken . . . “Marci wins again!” That’s how Susan feels when her roommate lands hunky Niccolo, the Italian tutor in charge of language lessons during their summer study abroad program. Marci is pushy and throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. Niccolo seemed to like Susan, but she backed away when Marci insisted their lessons become private. Now Susan […]

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Beach House Love

Britt Hunter is reputed to be Houston’s most eligible bachelor. When Julie saves his little brother from drowning in front of their beach house, he becomes smitten with the attractive young insurance executive. But Britt’s stepmom is their age since his dad remarried a much younger wife, and she does not want another woman in the family. Meanwhile a hurricane moves toward the coast, and Julie finds herself trapped in […]

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