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Love and the Forbidden City

Love and the Forbidden City A knight in shining armor or a lunatic?   Finding her lover in bed with another woman is just the beginning of Julie Bird’s surreal trip to China. Losing her way in the suburbs of Beijing does little to improve her mood… and then the bandit shows up. Bandit, in twenty first century China? Things go from irritating to bizarre when a sword-wielding madman, or […]

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The Chief’s Runaway Bride

The Chief’s Runaway Bride Can she escape her fate?   Magnolia, the headstrong daughter of an army captain, refuses to obey the order of an arranged marriage. She goes on an arduous journey along the Tea Road to seek the general who arranged the marriage, determined to convince him to cancel it. In the treacherous mountains, she falls into the hands of the bandits, who also abduct a panda. While […]

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Water Town

Water Town A pleasure trip that changes their lives.   Born in a small town, twenty-one-year-old Jieya comes to Shanghai city to seek a better life. She befriends Seagull and her father Chen, a well-to-do government official. Jieya’s dream is about to come true when Seagull suggests a trip to a water town. Lili, the mistress of a wealthy businessman, rendezvous with her online date. Bin is a young man […]

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