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Arcanum Astray

Arcanum Astray Sherlock Holmes with magic on an Earth where history took a detour.   Enter a different Earth. Where magic exists and history took a detour. Explore the world with Summus Magister Lucius K. Henry. High Mage and Master Professor. Be with him as he solves magical enigmas, perplexing mysteries, and lethal puzzles which have confounded the Imperial Bureau of Magical Investigation. His work will expose you to intrigue, […]

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The Accidental Archmage Book One

The Accidental Archmage Book One: Ragnarok Rising Deities of lost civilizations, ancient cities, beasts and creatures of lore, mysterious temples and artifacts, dark Elder beings, and you’re lost in their world – survive.   Immerse yourself in a grand and dangerous adventure. In a world both familiar and strange. A world where magic and gods still exist. Meet deities, beings, and exiles from Earth’s pantheons. Encounter warriors, huskarls, satyrs, hoplites, […]

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Manus Dei: Harbinger

Manus Dei: Harbinger Angels and demons, mortals and creatures of darkness, firepower and high-technology, all mark the coming of the Apocalypse.   A conflict as old as time. Fought in this world. With the weapons and science of humanity. The time of the Apocalypse is near. While Heaven waits, the minions of Hell have started infesting the world. Corrupting humanity and stealing the heavenly spark that connects humankind to God. […]

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