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The Empathic Detective

The Empathic Detective A psychic detective matches wits with a formidable foe in a futuristic Texas.   In a world of flying cars and portals to other planets, Detective Gerald Bryce has a rare power: the ability to read emotions. Suspect after suspect falls as he uses his skills and dogged police work to bring justice to his city, until one day he discovers a suspected murderess who shares his […]

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Ghostsuit: An Empathic Detective Novel An electronic twist on controlling spirits.   A serial killer is loose in Central Texas. The Hangman steals victims’ DNA, disappearing without a trace. When Gerald Bryce, the Empathic Detective, investigates he uncovers a dark conspiracy. Someone is using old alchemy recipes, intent on creating artificial life and harnessing its clairvoyant powers. Can Bryce stop the Hangman before people he loves get hurt? And can […]

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Cybershot An Empathic Detective Novel.   An ancient organization has created a psychic with untold power. Raising the boy in secret, they hope to make him a world leader. But he escapes and heads for Texas to find his father, Gerald Bryce, the empathic detective. When someone tries to warn Bryce, a criminal mastermind uses the latest technology from neural immersive video games to kill the informant. Now Bryce and […]

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On Sale in Military Science Fiction This Week

On Sale in Military Science Fiction This Week   Here’s a round up of titles you can download for less than a cheap cup of coffee. Iron Recruit follows a so-called colony rat who enlists in the Federation’s Mech Corps. Many galactic and space battle adventures ensue. Two books are in this excellent co-authored series. Duel in the Dark is first in a long series called Blood on the Stars. […]

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