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The Journey

The Journey When a village’s coming-of-age tradition sends Floyd on “The Journey,” he soon encounters a fantasy world rife with mythical creatures and real danger.   Unfortunately for Floyd, his journey has barely begun when he finds himself on the run from a press gang who mean to make him a galley slave. But with the help of a magical elf in disguise, Floyd escapes and soon finds himself aboard […]

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Convergence Intrepid reporter Solstice Winters is about to discover just how extraordinary she really is.   Solstice Winters has spent most of her life halfway between normal society and the world of her magical parents. However, when getting caught between two worlds becomes more than metaphorical, being able to summon light or open locks might not be enough. Neither her love life nor her professional life are going anywhere in […]

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Temple of the Jaguar

Temple of the Jaguar The first thrilling book in the bestselling Nick Caine adventure series!   Nick Caine is a part-time archaeologist and full-time antiquities thief―a looter. And a very good one, too. So good that he catches the attention of the beautiful Marie Da Vinci, who offers him the chance of a lifetime: to locate the legendary Ciudad Blanca. The lost White City. A city purportedly filled with riches […]

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Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Shakespeare

Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Shakespeare Sherlock Holmes returns! Book #1 in the all-new series!    Sherlock Holmes, legendary sleuth of Victorian London, is asked to authenticate the work of what appears to be a long lost Shakespearean play. Alas, just as the famed detective is about to announce his conclusion, the manuscript is stolen―and the chase is on to locate and recover it… As Sherlock Holmes and his trusted […]

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Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire)

Moon Dance: Vampire for Hire Book 1 A wife and mom becomes a vampire, then a private investigator   The thrilling first novel in Amazon’s #1 bestselling supernatural mystery series. For fans of Sookie Stackhouse, Harry Dresden and Anita Blake, Moon Dance heralds the arrival of America’s favorite new vampire detective. Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the […]

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