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Gateway to the Galaxy Universe

Gateway to the Galaxy Universe The Corps Chooses You.    The Arilion Knights have faded to legend. Famed warriors of this galactic order have not been required to fight the darkness in the universe for centuries, until now. Frank Wolffe and Emma Jackson will soon learn that the mantle is heavy. The path is dangerous but what it takes has always lain within. No hero does is alone. Along the […]

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The New Arilion Knights Boxed Set

The New Arilion Knights Boxed Set  Too young to join the Corps? No such thing.    When you’re chosen, you’re chosen there’s no going back. Emma Jackson is about to get a crash course in universal politics and it’s not going to be pretty. Daughter of an alien warrior she’s going to face harsh realities of origins she never thought possible. At the same time the Earth will call for […]

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