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Blood & Holy Water

Blood & Holy Water Angels of Sojourn, Book One.   Twenty years ago, he murdered his wife. Clearly, an unforgivable catastrophe that Fin carries the guilt and grief every day of his immortal existence. He tries to make up for his sins, working as an emergency room doctor for the fragile humans. When a one-hundred year old angel comes to him, insisting he deserves a miracle, he lets her into […]

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Magical Connections

Magical Connections Six fantasy shorts.   How far will you go for love? From a pregnant fairy godmother to a child bitten by a werewolf, a fallen angel to a mail-order witch, these six fantasy short stories & novellas, connected by magic, will be sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Fangs & Fairy Dust: An Angels of Sojourn Spin-Off Novella After eighty years, Ryker returns to Dubuque, hunting down a […]

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