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Tag: M.D. Massey

Junkyard Druid

Junkyard Druid When a reluctant druid gets blackmailed into working for an evil faery queen, he’ll walk through fire to complete one last job⁠—come hell or high magic!   Every druid knows… Dealing with the Fae is a death sentence. So why would I risk my life to help an evil Faery Queen? A year ago I swore off druidry, and for good reason. Now I spend my days behind […]

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Eight in the Chamber

Eight in the Chamber Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi Box Set   Orcs, vampires, rogue mages, and strange familiars… The night’s filled with beasts looking for kicks, who trod the urban landscape with cloven hoof or sharpened claw, keeping a yellow eye out for easy prey. But what’s a citizen to do when dark shadows lie heavy, spells become useless, and wands lose their charm? They call on the heroes of Eight in […]

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