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War Eternal

War Eternal They are coming. Find the Goliath or be destroyed.   300,000+ copies sold. 2000+ reviews. 2500+ pages. Get all seven books of the bestselling War Eternal series for one low price for a limited time. War Eternal isn’t only an epic space opera adventure. It’s a story of love, sacrifice, redemption, and overcoming failure, a warning for the future, and a twist on the structure of the universe […]

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Star Fire

Star Fire One man’s epic story of loyalty, perseverance, and hope in a galaxy at war.    Alliance Navy Commander Grayson Stone is patrolling a nearby space station when a mysterious starship appears. It emerges from a storm of fire, its shields impenetrable, its weapons overwhelming, attacking without provocation and annihilating everything in its path. While his ship is badly damaged in the assault, Grayson manages to survive. Suddenly trapped […]

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Rebellion: The Complete Series

Rebellion: The Complete Series Boxset Binge this entire epic struggle to reclaim Earth.    In the year 2280, an alien fleet attacked the Earth. Their weapons were unstoppable, their defenses unbreakable. Our technology was inferior, our militaries overwhelmed. Only one starship escaped before civilization fell. Earth was lost. It was never forgotten. Fifty-two years have passed. A message from home has been received. The time to fight for what is […]

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