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Tree of Ages

Tree of Ages The return of the faie, a dark prophecy, and a long-buried secret.    After a century spent as a tree, Finn awakens into a world she barely recognizes. In fact, she barely even recognizes herself. Dark shadows seem to haunt her every step, pushing her toward a past she’s forced herself to forget. Iseult claims to be a sellsword, but he seems to know more about Finn’s […]

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Bitter Ashes

Bitter Ashes A terrible touch. A kidnapping. A secret world.   Madeline is cursed. A touch from her, even accidental, can kill, and she’s haunted by the victims she never meant to hurt. Alone, isolated, and remorseful, she thinks life can’t get any worse–until she’s kidnapped in the middle of the night and thrown into a secret world more twisted than her darkest nightmares. The Vaettir claim to be the […]

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