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Review: The Counterfeit Captain

I discovered Henry Vogel’s The Counterfeit Captain when he ran the novel for a Kindle Scout campaign. As a science fiction fan, I was sold on the concept from chapter one.

A fighter pilot finds herself pulled into a giant spaceship, along with the bad guys. Escaping them, she finds herself deep in the ship and discovers it is set up as an artificial world, populated by relatively primitive people.

When she introduces herself to some villagers as a captain, because she is one after all, they mistake her for the long lost ship’s captain who has entered into their mythology.

After a while she begins uncovering the ship’s secrets and eventually finds herself fighting forces greater than she expected.

Some reviewers on Amazon have knocked the book for its ending. I can see where they’re coming from. From his website, a sequel looks to be in the works, so maybe some clarifications or even more surprises are on the way.

Vogel is a prolific indie author, having written literally dozens of books and comic books. If you haven’t sampled his work yet, you might consider giving this one a try.



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