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Lost Wolf

Lost Wolf She’s hiding a dark secret. It already killed her once.    Victoria can’t wait to start college, but there’s a hitch—she can’t remember anything before arriving. Her memories finally spark when she sees her ruggedly handsome math professor, but she senses something terrible. The shock on his face affirms her fears. Toby is a powerful shifter who never thought he’d see his true love again—not after she died […]

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Review: Fourth Wing

Fourth Wing Optioned for television by Amazon Studios.   Fourth Wing by Rachel Yarros remains one of the most popular books in the country right now, after a spectacular debut this summer. It likes to camp out in the Amazon Top 10, and has of course spent time at Number 1. Yarros is a New York Times best selling romance author, and this is her first stab at fantasy. It […]

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Classic Authors Super Set Series: 2

Classic Authors Super Set Series: 2 27,000 more pages of classic literary genius.   Contents: James Allen: The Complete Collection J. M. Barrie: The Complete Novels L. Frank Baum: Oz: The Complete Collection The Brontë Sisters: The Complete Novels Emily Dickinson: The Complete Poems Collection Lucy Maud Montgomery : Anne of Green Gables Collection Jack London: The Collected Works PG. Wodehouse: The Ultimate Wodehouse Collection   Classic Authors Super Set […]

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Classic Authors Super Set Series 1

Classic Authors Super Set Series 1 31,000 pages of classic literary goodness.   Contents: Jane Austen: The Complete Novels Charles Dickens: The Complete Novels Zane Grey: The Collected Works Robert E. Howard: The Collected Works H.P Lovecraft: The Complete fICTIONS Edgar Allan Poe: The Complete Tales and poems Mark Twain: The Complete Novels   .

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Blue Moon Investigations Ten Book Bundle

Blue Moon Investigations Ten Book Bundle #1 best seller in Vampire Thrillers, Humorous Fantasy and many more.    When Tempest Michaels opens a paranormal investigation agency, it was to corner a niche of the market where gullible people believed they were being haunted or that their Great Aunt Hilda was a witch … … what he gets is unparalleled mayhem as cases with far more teeth and claw than […]

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Dwarvish Dirty Dozen Complete Series Boxed Set

Dwarvish Dirty Dozen Complete Series Boxed Set War is a messy business and anyone who claims otherwise is trying to sell you something.    The dwarvish legions, the Holt’Dwan, are familiar with this but these are strange times. The dead are rising from the earth in the freshly settled Ysgand Vale and the war just got a lot messier. So an old custom was resurrected and the Bad Badgers were […]

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Star Breaker Complete Series Boxed Set

Star Breaker Complete Series Boxed Set A complete series, military sci-fi adventure boxed set from Amazon All-Star author James David Victor.    Holly Cropper grew up as a Breaker, mining the outer reaches of space. Now, she’s an up-and-coming lieutenant in the Earth Alliance Marines. Her mission: keep the peace and help humanity survive in the endless darkness of space. When a distress call comes in from a large mining […]

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The Graham Effect

The Graham Effect Campus Diaries Book 1, a NYT Bestseller.   Gigi Graham has exactly three goals: qualify for the women’s national hockey team, win Olympic gold, and step out of her famous father’s shadow. So far, so good, except for two little things. Fine–a little thing and a big, grumpy thing. She needs to improve her game behind the net, and she needs help from Luke Ryder. Ryder is […]

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Delta Underground Operatives: Clara & Damien : Complete Boxed Set

Delta Underground Operatives: Clara & Damien : Complete Boxed Set A brand new Urban Fantasy adventure from USA Today bestselling author Sarah Noffke.    Blood-sucking vampires and vegan psychics don’t mix. But to save the world from a magic-stealing madman, they’re going to have to. The Delta Underground Operatives, humanity’s last line of defense against evil threats, only enlist the brightest and the best. Clara and Damien fit the bill. […]

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