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Awakening: An Epic High Fantasy Adventure

Awakening: An Epic High Fantasy Adventure Histories of Drakmoor Book 1.   Kiri yearns to go home. To see her family once more. There’s just one problem: she’s an escaped slave. Gavin wakes up with his cheek pressed against the dirty cobblestones of an alley. But he has a bigger problem: he has no memories beyond his name. When ruthless slavers corner them with no escape, Gavin makes a choice […]

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Dagger of the World Complete Series Boxed Set

Dagger of the World Complete Series Boxed Set An epic fantasy that spans three realms.    In a world of magic, an outcast elf with none might be the only one who can save the world…unless he brings about its destruction first. Terak is an orphaned elf who has been raised by the severe order of monks known as the Enclave. Inside the walls of the Black Keep, he is […]

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It Ain’t Over

It Ain’t Over An epic space opera adventure.   Buy a planet and disappear… That’s all Cole wanted. He spent thirteen years hiding on the fringes of society, piloting freighters for criminals and building a stash to do just that. But life happens when you’re busy making plans. When Cole chooses to save an ejected castaway and stumbles into a crew of his own, he starts down a path that […]

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Paranormal Romance Boxset

Paranormal Romance Boxset Mine to protect. Mine to cherish. She is MINE…   A collection of THREE breathtaking, paranormal romance novellas. THREE snarly, tattooed, males who stop at nothing to claim their women. Warning: This boxset is a roller coaster ride of emotions, with possessive males, intense love scenes, heart pounding action, and twists and turns which will leave you gasping for more. Binge read now! Book 1 – Wanted […]

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Second Chances Boxed Set

Second Chances Boxed Set Lost Love Reunited/Opposites Attract/Secret Baby/Beauty and the Beast Romances.   The one that got away. The love that never died. The man who thought his one chance at love was lost when his beloved wife passed. The woman who thought herself beyond redemption and certainly beyond being loved. Second chances for love abound in this collection of stories from young lovers parted by others or parted […]

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Review: The Shroud

The Shroud A Novel of Espionage, History and Magic.   George Bachman’s The Shroud is a fascinating blend of history and magic, adroitly mixing fact with fiction. A historical fantasy centered on the Shroud of Turin, Bachman telegraphs his métier right away when the first thief to whom readers are introduced casts a minor light spell to better see the lock he is picking. This world introduces magic to medieval […]

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First in Series Collection

First in Series Collection Four first in series cozy books from USA Today bestselling author, Rosie A. Point.   Follow the female sleuths, Sunny, Milly, Holly, and Christie as they try to figure out whodunit in this four book collection of cozy mystery capers. Enjoy an afternoon of reading today. Grab your copy and see if you can solve the mysteries before these stunning sleuths do. Books in this collection […]

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Ethinium’s Vault

Ethinium’s Vault He came from another world . . .    Sergeant Ripley Coulter leads the Army’s E-Squad, defending the metaverse from online attacks in NeuralNet, a completely immersive reality. When enemy fighters take him out in a massive explosion, he wakes up in a strange new world powered by steam and primitive electronics. Fortunately, his game implant is still operable . . . In this world, London is Ethinium. […]

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The Dragon Blood Collection, Books 1-3

The Dragon Blood Collection, Books 1-3 Three full-length novels of action, magic, and romance.   A thousand years have passed since a dragon has been seen in the world. Science and technology have replaced magic, which has dwindled until it has become little more than an element of myth and legend. There are those who still have dragon blood flowing through their veins, distant descendants of the mighty creatures of […]

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