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The Thieves of Nottica

The Thieves of Nottica

Steampunk romance like a flower blossoming in a pile of junk.

In a world where humans are evil, invading aliens, Rigg is the youngest member of the Keymasters, a band of professional thieves who use their skills to defy an overbearing government known as the Hand. It is a world full of pollution, intrusive surveillance cameras, and injustice, where any who “give the finger to the Hand” are punished with death. The Keymasters are hired to steal a highly sought after treasure, but when one of their number is lost during the job, they find themselves the tools in a power play for said treasure — a mysterious lockbox that no one can open. To ultimately survive in the end, the Keymasters must battle their way through mechanical monsters, airships, and politics, literally going through shit (they travel through a sewage pipe) to make it out alive.

From the Author:
The Thieves of Nottica is a book that transcends both scifi and fantasy, in that the world began as a beautiful paradise full of fantastical creatures, which all eventually succumbed to pollution. Now mermaids, dragons, and fantasy creatures are but myth and legend in a world of robots and cyborgs. The only people from the time before time are the indigenous demons, who remember what the world was like before the alien invasion and lament its loss.

About the Author:
Ash Gray lives in alternate dimension with sixteen flamingos and one moose. Read her blog at goodreads here:



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