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Review: The Temporary Agent

The Temporary Agent

A former Navy Seabee is pulled into a dark world of black ops


This thriller from Amazon imprint Thomas & Mercer is a fine addition to the pantheon, and I enjoyed reading it. The Temporary Agent is by Shamus Award winning author Daniel Judson.

The style is quick and to the point. The author uses short paragraphs. And sometimes incomplete sentences.

I bring this up because evidently that bothers some people. The book has about 2,300 Amazon reviews and counting. The few negative reviews (it’s ranking about 4.2 out of 5 as of this writing) seem to focus on Judson’s writing style, usually while admitting the story is pretty good. So he’s getting points off for brevity, I guess.

Speaking of that story, the gist of it is a former Navy Seabee’s old commander sends him a coded message that draws him into the mysterious world of dark ops. No spoilers.

If this sounds vaguely like a Jack Reacher novel, you’re right. It ranks up there in the same echelon. If you like that kind of book, you’ll like this one. Click below and download it today to see if you agree.



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