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Scout Selection – BROKEN BLUE


Life meets Death.


Every year Blythe makes the same wish – to live a normal life. But despite her best efforts and countless therapy sessions, as she blows out the candles on her seventeenth birthday she suspects her wish will never come true. When the shadows that have haunted her for her entire life suddenly disappear, they simply make room for a new and even more unsettling presence: Bron. Beautiful, enigmatic Bron. Is he just another invention of her disturbed mind? Or can she believe in him?

From the Author:
When L.M.’s daughter was very young she asked her what happens to our souls when we die. Quite a dark question to come from a five year old! L.M. asked her what she believed happened, and as a result, based on some of her little girl’s musings, the reapers were born. Not quite angels, not quite the Grim!

About the Author:
As an alumna of the Golden Egg Academy, L.M. has been mentored by former Editorial Directors from both Chicken House Publishing and David Fickling Books. She is also a member of SCBWI UK and continues to attend workshops to keep her writing skills fresh. In a former life L.M. served in the British Royal Air Force as a mechanic, then when on to collect a very eclectic range of jobs from sound engineering in TV/Film to computer programming for a clinical trials unit. L.M. lives with her daughter and husband in Leeds, Yorkshire, and works for the University of Leeds. Any spare time she has is spent raising money for children’s charities as a member of the Star Wars costuming organisation – Sentinel Squad UK.







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