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Fire (The Six Elements Book 1)

Fire (The Six Elements Book 1)

A quest to understand one’s origins leads to a budding rebellion in a world of magic, myth, and adventure.


Kai Sera is an anomaly. In a world where most mages only have the ability to wield one element, she has discovered she is the only one with the capability of wielding them all: fire, earth, water, air, life, and death. Having been dropped off at the prestigious Seran University of Magic as an infant, she has no way of knowing how she obtained such power. She is raised as Seran royalty by an adoptive father who seems to only want to keep her powers hidden, and this restriction encourages her to break off on her own and seek adventure.

That is when a messenger travels to see Kai from far across the country, hinting that the answers she has long been seeking regarding her powers and parentage can still be obtained. Thus, Kai flees from the royal duties she has no interest in and sets off with her closest companions in a quest of adventure and self discovery. Some questions are best left unanswered, however. As Kai soon finds, her simple quest will have serious repercussions that will set the course for changing her–and the entire world–forever.

From the Author:
The Six Elements series is a six book adventure of bloody sword and magic battles, rebellion within a kingdom, and conquest. Readers who enjoy varied, outcast characters, realistic battle scenes, heavy use of necromancy, and detailed mage warfare will find something to enjoy here. This is not a series of convenience, and the characters in the story are not perfect. Your favorite characters will be in peril, make mistakes, and will, at times, lose their lives.

Though the series has some humor, The Six Elements does not abide by the light-hearted clichés of many fantasy novels. This is a series for adults, and thus has adult situations including intense violence, gore, sensuality, some cursing, and stories/scenes of realistic warfare. The Entire Six Elements Series: Fire Earth (Release date 10/28/2017, pre-order available on Amazon) Water (Planned) Air (Planned) Life (Planned) Death (Planned).

About the Author:
Rosie Scott lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she shares her life with her husband and four beautiful cats. She has been writing full length novels since the age of nine. She writes in the genres of dystopian, fantasy, and science fiction. No matter the genre, she specializes in writing gritty action scenes with the gore of realistic warfare, witty dialogue, and death scenes of major characters. Readers who enjoy one-dimensional characters, perfect heroes and heroines, or conveniences of plot should steer clear of her work.

Mrs. Scott is an avid video gamer, and the hobby inspires both her writing and her artwork, most of which revolves around either her books or favorite video games. Her books tend to be sprinkled with references that fellow gaming fanatics are sure to catch. Rosie is continually writing to please her fans. She invites you to visit her blog at, where updates on books and interesting facts about your favorite stories and characters await. All business inquiries can be sent to


Fire (The Six Elements Book 1)


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