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Sicarius Soul

Sicarius Soul

Ancient conspiracy meets sci-fi thriller!


Some grudges live forever, and the worst enemies are the ones you didn’t know you had… Alpha empaths are dying, executed by an assassin who leaves no psychic trace. Zara Itani derides the mystery as sloppy investigation until Danyael is injured by the assassin’s bullet. If he died, his empathic death throes would have driven everyone within ten miles to suicide.

The only solution is to imprison Danyael beyond the reach of assassins, damning him to physical solitude and emotional isolation. Zara, however, bets on her ability to use Danyael as bait to draw out the murderer. Kill the assassin, end the threat, right?   But nothing is ever easy in a world transformed by the Genetic Revolution. Sins of the past transcend decades and centuries to coalesce into a threat no one can contain. A vigilante driven by hate demands absolute vengeance—the suicide of millions of innocent people—and it will begin with Danyael’s death…

“Higher octane than heroes. More heart than X-Men.” Welcome to the Genetic Revolution!

From the Author:
Sicarius Soul is a standalone science fiction thriller featuring unforgettable fan favorites Zara and Danyael from the award-winning DOUBLE HELIX series. It can be enjoyed without reading any other books from the series. The existing nine books set in the world of the DOUBLE HELIX have won a total of eleven awards.

About the Author:
At 3 a.m., when her husband and three sons are asleep, USA Today best-selling author JADE KERRION weaves unforgettable characters into unexpected stories. Her debut science fiction novel, PERFECTION UNLEASHED, won six literary awards and launched the DOUBLE HELIX series which blends cutting-edge genetic engineering and high-octane action. Her plan for world domination begins with making all her readers as sleep-deprived as she is.

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