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Wards and Wonders

Wards and Wonders

They couldn’t be less alike, but nothing will keep them apart.


They met the day the moat monsters attacked!

It was Tyla’s first day at Elantoth Fortress, and Tina Ann stayed with her until the danger had passed. Now, it doesn’t matter that one is a pure-blood gnome, the other a deformed variant. Or that one is a researcher and the other a member of the kitchen staff. They’re united by a mutual hatred of their tyrannical former queen and the conviction that their newly-freed land, cut off from the outside world for over two centuries, faces new dangers.

Whether in the fortress, the Tree Home Community, or the Outcast District, Tyla’s ability to draw powers from gemstones and Tina Ann’s gift for sensing dark powers will find new uses in the civilized world’s strange, gem-based culture.

They couldn’t be less alike, but nothing will keep them apart . . . nothing short of the secret danger that threatens the gnome world.

From the Author:
This is book one in a new series, a spinoff of my original Gem Powers Series, advertised last week (Beyond the Forest). It is not essential to read the Gem Powers trilogy first, but those books provide the backstory.

About the Author:
Kay L. Ling began writing fiction at an early age. In grade school, her stories evidenced a sense of wonder and love of adventure. In one, mythical creatures lived and traveled inside a rainbow, and in another, a bored sixth-grader turned her teacher into a maroon sofa and then teleported herself to London. As she grew up, Kay never lost her ability to imagine strange and wondrous peoples and places, and now she would like to share her unique fantasy adventures with others.

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Wards and Wonders


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