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A Collection of Favorite Mysteries & More

A Collection of Favorite Mysteries & More

Cozy mysteries and romantic suspense galore.


Grab this tremendous Collection of Favorite Cozy Mysteries and More from Liz Turner. Wholesome mysteries to keep you entertained for hours! Curl up and enjoy this fantastic sampler collection of best selling, stand alone cozy mysteries from Liz Turner.

From the Jolene Park – Attorney At Law, Cozy Mystery Series:

A Deadly Con

From the Dr. Hallie Malone Cozy Mystery Series:

Murder at the Movies

A Deadly Stew

Half-Baked Blackmail & Murder

The Sandwich Murder

The Bakery Truck Mystery

From the Rare Catch Cozy Mystery Series:

Murder at the Barbecue

Murder at the Renaissance Fair

From the Cozy Mystery In The Mountains Series:

Murder: The Final Dare

Trail Mix Murder

From the Margie Lauderdale Cozy Mystery Series:

French Cuisine Murder

Wedding Bells & Murder?

As an added bonus, 3 exciting mystery and suspense romances from the archives have been included for your reading enjoyment:

Her Bodyguard

A Father’s Duty

A SEAL to Watch Over Me


From readper:
We found this nifty collection of cozy mysteries and romantic suspense in a huge box set for 99 cents. On occasion authors bundle stuff together and dangle it out to Kindle Unlimited audiences for a while, who then hopefully read through and the author receives their payout. If you’re not on Kindle Unlimited, though, it’s no “mystery” that you can still snap this great box set up for a song while it’s out there.


A Collection of Favorite Mysteries & More


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