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Billionaire’s Blind Date Complete Series Box Set

Billionaire’s Blind Date Complete Series Box Set

A giant 4 volume billionaire box set.


The business press calls me the “Nathan the Pharma Wonder.” My story’s great, after all.

I grew up middle-class, and I’m a self-made billionaire. Plus, my success was in the tough world of drug development.

But, yeah, one problem: I have no one to share my success with.

I’ll admit a lot of that is because I’ve been more focused on my career than women. Even then, the few women I have dated didn’t care about me. All they cared about was my bank account.

When a friend set me up on a blind date, I figured I had nothing to lose. I also figured maybe I didn’t need to be all that upfront about how rich I am. Easy way to see if the woman wanted me and not my money.

I didn’t expect to meet anyone like Emersyn. She’s an angel, a sweet nurse who is beautiful in body and personality.

I didn’t expect to meet a woman like her on a blind date, but she doesn’t know that I’m Nathan the Pharma Wonder. She just thinks I’m some salesman.

Can I really have a relationship with a woman, let a lone a sweet angel, when I’m lying to her?

From readper:
Wow, this is a big box set. You get 4 volumes and over 2,500 pages all for a pennies a book. It’s only been out a few months, and it’s highly ranked and rated. Check it out!


Billionaire’s Blind Date Complete Series Box Set


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