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Bored to Death: A Vampire Thriller

Bored to Death

A 300-year-old vampire must restore the tenuous line between life and death.


Vic (short for Victoria) is a vampire. She’s spent the last three hundred years reading, hunting humans, eating at trendy restaurants, seducing men, drinking bourbon, hanging out with her pal Lola, and quenching her thirst for blood. One night while hunting, she is approached by a strange, but oddly familiar, man who calls himself a “friend.” The next day he stops by her apartment to kill her. Though he doesn’t succeed, he reveals a secret. He has found a way to remain immortal without the need to drink blood, but the consequences are horrific. Vic is quickly drawn into a plan to stop him and takes off across the world to learn what she must do and the true nature of her special gift. Upon returning home, she must rely upon her wits, her friends and her unique gift to restore the balance between life and death, between mortals and immortals. She just has no idea how to do it…


Bored to Death


Categories: Urban Fantasy / PNR

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