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Remnant: Mythic Beasts, Book One

Remnant: Mythic Beasts, Book One

YA fantasy, set in modern day Sacramento, and it call into question the existence of dinosaurs.


Always listen to your mother …

Unless you might discover something that will completely destroy mankind’s knowledge of the fossil record.

James Peters is a nerd, and no one knows it but his mom. Somehow, his closet nerdiness lands him a job at a brand new museum, chock full of thousands of years of history.

Even though he is just a janitor, his job allows him to geek out over his favorite kind of history: prehistory. On his first day of summer, something happens. New fossils get delivered, and not just any new fossils either.

Fossils that were stolen from Egypt.

Fossils that got a man killed.

Faster than he can say Micropachycephalosaurus, James finds himself in the middle of a battle that throws his understanding of history into a tailspin and threatens to diminish his current life expectancy … from 78.74 to 14.65.

Remnant is the first book in the action-packed Mythic Beasts series. If you like YA/Teen fantasy, magic, mythical creatures, and witty characters, you’ll love this book by Randall Floyd.

Join James as tries to keep his brain from exploding, while saving the museum from superhuman forces of mythical proportions.

Buy Remnant today and see if James can stay alive long enough to figure everything out.

And don’t worry about his mom, James listens to her.


From the Author:
This book started as a question I had back when I was a kid, but more on that in later.

Somebody asked me what my favorite mythical animal was, and I automatically said it was a griffin. I don’t know why except griffins are awesome.

However, I was always under the impression that griffins were nothing more than a myth, a fantasy. Then I read a research paper when I was a freshman in high school. The paper spoke about the origins of griffins, and why they are so ubiquitous throughout all the various kinds of mythology.

After reading it, and realizing this person thought griffins came from Neandertals looking at dinosaur bones and seeing them as the bones from ancient, dead, mythical creatures, my creative wheels started turning.

That’s when the question popped up, you know, the question I brought up at the beginning:

“What if griffins and dragons were real, and dinosaurs were the myth?”

Well, that’s where this book, and series, came from.

About the Author:
Randall Floyd hails from the land of Vancouver, WA – not to be confused for the city with the same name and same namesake up in the mystical and magical land of Canada.

When he’s not writing, or slaying dragons, he lives with his four kids and wife in an armored tank (it may just be an RV), traveling the country looking for foes to slay, damsels to rescue, and ways to keep his youngest child occupied.

To see what’s going on in the world of James Peters, visit

Feel free to ask Randall any questions by sending him an email at randall at Though I should warn you, Randall tends to write lengthy and meandering messages.

Readers be warned.


Remnant: Mythic Beasts, Book One


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