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To Be With You

To Be With You

He becomes her escort to save her.


No matter how hard she’s tried, Nicole Pierce has always picked the wrong guy. She dumps them as soon as they reveal themselves as the cheaters and abusers they are, but it’s left her heartsore and discouraged. When she needs a date for a social function, from now on she’s going to pick one from the gorgeous, hands-off, strictly-business escorts of Club Blue.

Her childhood best friend Sean Rollins won’t stand for that. He and Nicole haven’t seen each other for years, but he’s the safe, long-distance shoulder she can cry on–a hard role for Sean, who loves her in secret. When he finds out about the escorts, he wants to keep her safe. Even though he knows more about martial arts than Armani, and even though he hasn’t told Nicole he’s now in the same city, he becomes an escort at Club Blue under an assumed name.

To his relief, Nicole chooses him. He’s tall, dark, handsome…and oddly familiar. But Sean doesn’t know there’s a horrible reason for Nicole’s choices in men–and his attempt at protecting her may have blown every chance he’ll ever have with the one girl he loves.


To Be With You


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