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The Coven Murders

The Coven Murders

Inspector Sheehan is confronted by an evil Satanist but who is murdering the murderers?


In the past Chief Inspector Sheehan and his team have dealt successfully with murderers, serial killers, vicious psychopaths, but how will they succeed against a malevolent Satanist who has the support of a determined coven and a very powerful demon? And bizarrely, will Sheehan have time to discover who is murdering members of the coven while trying to rescue a young lady who is targeted by them for human sacrifice on midnight of the sacred feast of Lughnasa?

From the Author:
At time of writing this, all reviews on to date have been 5 stars (100%) This is the third volume of a very successful mysteries series but it is fully stand alone. Will appeal to those who like both mystery thrillers and the paranormal. Great book to read at Hallow E’en.

About the Author:
Crimson Cloak Publishing (March, 2018)

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The Coven Murders


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