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A Threat of Shadows

A Threat of Shadows

Alaric betrayed everything he believed to save Evangeline — and failed. 


His last chance to save the woman he loves lies in an ancient Wellstone, a repository of power, buried and lost long ago.

Luck–or something more troubling–leads him to a small group searching for the same stone.

A disgruntled dwarf,

a bumbling wizard,

and an elf with an unsettling amount of power.

If he can gain their trust, they might help him find the cure.

But the Wellstone holds more than he knows, and a terrible evil he’d thought defeated is stirring again, searching for the stone.

Can the companions survive a traitor, a dragon, and their own pasts to reach the stone before time runs out?

From readper:
The start of a very cool fantasy series. Enjoy!


A Threat of Shadows

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