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Accidentally Wifed

Accidentally Wifed

How did the whole town find out I accidentally married him in Vegas?


I’m definitely not in the market for a boyfriend. For anything serious. For Permanent.

Because frankly, I’m tough enough to not need anyone.

But when the man I up and married in a moment of insanity ends up being my roommate, I found myself knee deep in serious and permanent.

Davis is trouble with a capital T…

Tall, with wavy blond hair, big blue eyes and a firefighter’s build.

He ticked all of my boxes, and he was already my husband, so why fight the temptation.


Only I was already lost before he started sweet talking me, trying to convince me to give us a second chance.

Now I have to find a way to divorce my husband, before I do something stupid, like fall in love with him.


Accidentally Wifed


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