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Stolen Heart

Stolen Heart

Niki thinks she can make me whole again. Yeah, good luck with that… 


The past 10 years as a single dad have been rough to say the least.
I’ve hated everything.
Except for the kids. Perfect twins with their mother’s eyes.
Niki’s sass makes my temper rise along with my mammoth… ego.
I want to bend her over her and show her what I’ve got waiting for her.
She’ll learn a lesson or two.
Yeah, I’m an a$$.
It’s been too long and my heart is now frozen – and I’d like to keep it like that.
It’s just easier that way.
I’ve got my billions to keep me warm, I don’t need a woman.

One night. One lesson. And that will be it.
No feelings. At least that’s what I thought…


Stolen Heart


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