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Bearded Brothers Mountain Brothers Series Box Set

Bearded Brothers Mountain Brothers Series Box Set 

Five sexy mountain men and the lucky ladies who capture their hearts.


Transport yourself into the charming and magical town of Blue River, Colorado as we follow the rugged, rowdy and hot Hunter brothers in their quests to find lasting love on the mountains.

Book One: Her Mountain Daddy
I need to run my family resort alongside my rowdy brothers,
Not fall hard for my kids’ home school teacher.
But when Angela’s past follows her into my home,
I’m forced to fight for my family’s safety and the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.

Book Two: Beauty and the Beard
Someone dangerous is after her.
She needs my protection.
Like I need to feel the touch of her lips.
They’ll have to go through me to get anywhere near this beauty who has captured my heart.

Book Three: Built and Bearded
The wedding planner is gorgeous enough to outshine ANY bride.
And uptight enough to challenge this playboy.
It’s clear I’m not the happily ever after type.
But when Oakley’s life is in danger,
I realize how much I’m willing to do for the right girl.

Book Four: The Gentleman
Planning a lavish mountain top wedding with my best friend?
Who could ask for a more challenging and exciting job?
But when the groom’s brother walks in…

I know the hardest job will be resisting his deep blue eyes and devilishly sexy charm.

Book Five: Bride and the Beard
She thinks we made the biggest mistake of our lives…

After an accidental marriage – I disagree.
Fortune favors the bold and I’ll prove to Emily I’m the man for her.
She may live a thousand miles from my mountain town, but I’m Harley Hunter…
And when I want something nothing stands in my way.

Bearded Brothers Mountain Brothers Series Box Set 


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