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The Rogue Elf of Urlas

The Rogue Elf of Urlas

Darkness descends upon the elven realm and a secret kept from one half-elf may threaten all the souls across the lands.

With his father gone to war…

…and his mother in hiding…

…Kealin must make a decision.

Should he stay and train to defend their Elven land, like his father asked, or head out into the icy waters to try to change fate?

Kealin’s choice will set him on a path like none other. Upon the icy seas with his three siblings, he discovers a power within himself that is not elven at all. It is older, darker, and is a danger to all the realms.

Everything he has been told has been a lie.

From adventures across the frozen North, to enslavement, gladiatorial combat, and a battle for the future of the elves of the West, a journey like no other awaits. Kealin will gain allies such as skilled thieves, wizards, an elven rebel warlord, and even a narwhal companion. But there is something greater hidden within Kealin’s journey and that truth might destroy him and everyone he cares about.

This boxset is the complete Songs of Shadow trilogy, the first great arc of a six-book series, and a trilogy that has earned hundreds of fives star reviews on the individual books.


The Rogue Elf of Urlas



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