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Thriller Box Set One

Thriller Box Set One

A thriller for every preference.


A fan of Dustin Stevens novels and wanting to get caught up? Looking for some entertaining reading this holiday season? A fan of former military operatives, vigilantes on the run from the Witness Protection Program, or medical-legal intensity that takes place inside of the courtroom and out? This three books for the price of one box set is for you!

Book One – The Subway
For the past six years, Tim Scarberry has lived a quiet life inside the Witness Protection Program. With just a single phone call, his entire new existence is upended, forcing him back to face the demons he tried to leave behind so long ago, discovering along the way that not only are they still waiting, but have multiplied in ways he never could have imagined…

Book Two – The Debt
Laredo Wynn has always known that one day the call would come, cashing In the marker he granted so long before. What he never could have imagined was quite what it would entail, or just how far he might have to go in the name of making things right…

Book Three – Catastrophic
When Ohio Tech star running back Tyler Bentley severely injures his knee on national television, it is feared to be the end of a successful and potentially lucrative professional career. Convinced to give a radical new procedure a try, the results are far worse than he ever could have imagined, forcing him to call on attorney Shane Laszlo to help him get what he has coming, even as the powers that be are willing to do anything to keep that from happening…


Thriller Box Set One


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