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Committed to Beauty

Committed to Beauty

Ridiculed in Nigeria, lauded in the West, an unconventional beauty heads home to search for happiness.


Ella’s search for love and acceptance takes her around the world to glitzy cities. The ridicule she felt for her looks as a child is finally behind her. Now that her unconventional appearance is appreciated for true beauty, she walks the world’s runways and lands the most sought-after fashion campaigns.

But being a successful model isn’t translating into happiness for Ella. She becomes a victim of violence, and the blissful and carefree journey she expected takes a different path. She becomes self-destructive, turning to a hedonistic lifestyle. With more personal loss and heart-wrenching news from home, Ella hears God’s subtle voice telling her she has a different future ahead of her.

Will her new start back home in Nigeria help her find the love and happiness that she’s always desired?


Committed to Beauty



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