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The Soul of the Sun

The Soul of the Sun

Ancient secrets. A deadly destiny. An unthinkable sacrifice.


In one devastating night, young Margaret Potter suffers a catastrophic loss that propels her whole life into chaos. Cast into a web of terror by a stranger with a lethal agenda, Margaret must navigate a frightening new landscape to stay alive.

What Margaret doesn’t realize, is that her family hides a deep secret. Someone in her bloodline will have an incredible power—and an unimaginable evil is waiting to see just who it will be.

With a powerful protective amulet as her only clue, she begins a frantic hunt for the truth—a truth that could reveal mysteries as ancient as time. Can Margaret keep the malevolent forces at bay, or will all of humanity be destroyed?

Find out who survives in this explosive first installment of the Argos Dynasty paranormal fantasy series.


The Soul of the Sun



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