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The Heiress in Kent

The Heiress in Kent

A royal mystery that has intrigued generations on two continents is finally revealed!


Amid the turbulence of a worldwide financial cataclysm threatening the British Government, a handsome Scotland Yard detective uncovers a secret plot to topple Queen Victoria from her throne! Based on a true story, this fast-paced book is set among the glitz and glamour of 19th century London, New York City and the fledgling 1860 presidential campaign of Abraham Lincoln. Enjoy the next exciting volume in the Kopp Chronicles powerful hit series.

About the Author:
Gregory Kopp is a graduate of Northwestern University and a Principal Consultant for Kopp Company, a privately held firm specializing in Human Capital, Enterprise Performance, and Media & Entertainment Consulting. Gregory is also a Talent Ambassador for The Walt Disney Company.


The Heiress in Kent



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