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The Complete Magitech Chronicles

The Complete Magitech Chronicles

Books 1-7 in the epic space fantasy saga. 


Enslaved and Forced to Fight Dragons

This box set contains over 2,000 pages of Epic Space Fantasy, and tells the complete saga, with a real ending. Yes, we also have a roleplaying game, and a sequel series!

Tech Mage (book 1)

Aran awakens in chains with no memory. He’s conscripted into the Confederate Marines as a Tech Mage, given a spellrifle, then hurled into the war with the draconic Krox and their Void Wyrm masters.

From readper:
We offered the MagiTech Chronicles Quadrilogy to subscribers in January, 2019. This is the complete 7 book series.


The Complete Magitech Chronicles


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