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The Heiress’s Bodyguard

The Heiress’s Bodyguard

She’s supposed to be protecting the grandmother, but how does she keep from falling for the grandson? 


Valentina Lopez has spent her life keeping up with the boys. Between her skills in martial arts and a military background, she’s never met a man she couldn’t pin to the mat. Until one fateful night when she crosses paths with Andrew McPherson. Rich, handsome and skilled in fighting, Andrew proves to be a challenge to Val in more ways than one.

Andrew has made a habit of running from the women who socialize in his circles. He’s tired of being seen as a pocketbook instead of a person. When his grandmother, Lola, finds herself in need of a bodyguard, Andrew jumps at the opportunity to get to know the one woman who has piqued his interest, and is unlike anyone else of his acquaintance.

Val’s tough exterior is hard to crack, but just as she finally gives into the attraction between her and Andrew, Lola is attacked. Can their new relationship survive the fallout? Or will Val’s failure drive a wedge between them forever?

If you adore feisty heroines, swoon-worthy heroes and clean Happily Ever Afters, then you’ll LOVE Laura Ann’s tale of love at first fight!


The Heiress’s Bodyguard


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