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Regency Tales of Graceful Roses

Regency Tales of Graceful Roses

A clean & sweet regency historical romance box set.


A Night Rose for the Duke

Eleanor Ashford, the young widowed Countess of Grenshire, is immersed in whispers of malicious gossip and contempt, but an unfortunate event will bring to her a man that can thaw her frozen heart. Charles Duncan, the widower Duke of Finchester, is harboring a dark secret. When he meets the mirror of his own grief in Eleanor, the Night Rose, as she’s called, the walls he built around his heart slowly start to crumble.

A White Rose for the Marquess

Gwendoline Hathaway’s life was ruined the day she lost her family. Bound to her cruel aunt, she looks upon her future with despair, until she sings at a masquerade ball and her angelic voice leads her to her true destiny. Arthur Ainsworth, the Marquess of Highvale, has only one purpose. Find a wife to put his ailing father’s mind at ease. But when he hears the White Rose singing at the ball, he cannot get the masked lady and her siren song out of his mind.

A Sea Rose for the Duchess

Captain Arnold Reynes rescues a young woman, who was lost at sea. The only clue of her past is a locket with her name: Odelia. Arnold is determined to see her safely back home, but first, they must solve the mystery of who she is and how she ended up washed up on a shore in Spain. When Odelia and Arnold embark on a long journey with the Sea Rose, the feelings they try to fight will come flooding in like the wild waves of the sea.

Regency Tales of Graceful Roses


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