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When a faker meets a CEO, sparks fly and trouble follows.


Marley Jacobs is a faker.

For a living, she pretends to be other people. It’s a job she fell into, and she’s doing well for the first time since moving to Chicago, but in the back of her mind there’s always the worry that someone somewhere will call her out. Marley just prays it’s not the obsessive, crazy boyfriend she fled from almost six years before.

Fletcher Creed has a problem.

As a successful businessman from a prominent Chicago family, he’s used to solving problems. But when a mere slip of a girl—make that an exceptionally gorgeous, talented woman—gets in his way, he sets out to turn a liability into an asset. And that asset has assets that happen to be spectacular.

When faker meets financier, sparks fly and trouble follows, but will the end justify the means?

About the Author:
Hi, I’m Christie Tegan, and I’m so happy to introduce everyone to my debut romance novel, Faker. Although this is my first novel, I’ve always loved to write—short stories, poetry, songs, email rants, grocery lists, you name it. Having lived in various cities in the US, my plan is to set a novel in each one, starting with Chicago for Faker. After all, you write what you know. I currently live in Los Angeles with my two dogs and a cat named Horatio. I’m hoping if things go well, I can give up my day job in the corporate world to write full time. That would be my dream goal.

From readper:
We’re delighted to be a part of the marketing blitz behind brand new romance author Christie Tegan’s debut novel. I think the title could easily fit into romantic suspense. There’s a little something for everyone in this story, including a touch of The Talented Mr. Ripley and just the right amount of tension between the love interests. Don’t miss this one, and give this engaging new author some love.




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