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Bait & Switch

Bait & Switch

An urban fantasy mystery.


Jette Driftwood is a witch with a plan for revenge. Seven years ago the Bleak imprisoned her father for a crime he didn’t commit. Four years later she topped their list as the most talented magic breaker they’d ever employed.

Until she stole an ancient power right out from under their nose.

Now the only list Jette tops is the Bleak’s most wanted. No worries. It’s all part of the plan to free her father from their clutches. But after years on the run, hiding among humans is the least of the fugitive witch’s concerns.

Because the stolen power is killing her—and a magic-wielding murderer has come to town.

Jette is the prime suspect in the supernatural murder mystery when a handsome vampire for hire shows up to collect the bounty on her head. Time to make a deal. If she can use her unique talents to help bring down the murderer, it will clear her of the slaying and buy time to formulate an escape.

But as the body count rises and her stolen magic flares uncontrollably, Jette realizes sometimes even the best laid plans go awry.

And time runs out…


Bait & Switch


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