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Murder in Cherry Hills

Murder in Cherry Hills

How do you solve a murder when the only eyewitness can’t talk?


Kat Harper has barely settled back into small-town life in Cherry Hills, Washington when she spies her neighbor’s cat Matty sitting on her doorstep. But Matty’s not making a social call. The newly orphaned feline has just witnessed her owner’s violent death.

But who would want to kill the elderly Mrs. Tinsdale? Was it one of her fellow animal rescue volunteers? A money-hungry daughter? A local veterinarian with something to hide? Or someone completely unexpected?

If Kat wants to put a murderer behind bars, the amateur sleuth is going to need Matty to lend a furry paw to her investigation. But how do you convince a cat eyewitness to reveal “whodunit”?


Murder in Cherry Hills


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