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A Grave Business

A Grave Business

A collection of short ghost stories.


“It is an auspicious night, don’t you think?”

The spirit gestured out over the mist covered graveyard before them. “Tonight is All Hallows Eve.” he breathed, “Halloween!” Melvin’s eyes widened as he turned his gaze to follow the ghosts’ hand. Distant howling floated back towards them on the chill breeze. “Tonight phantoms rise up from this last plot of hallowed ground. They assume form and substance and walk amongst the living! A shiver ran down Melvin’s spine. “Well Sir Thomas…” he croaked. “…here’s hoping that your idea works, or this may be their last Halloween ever!”

“It is time…” His eyes blazed as his hands flowed forward, icy fingers tightening around his companion’s neck…


A Grave Business


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