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Bed and Breakfast and Murder

Bed and Breakfast and Murder

Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries Book 1.


Fiona Fleming hoped inheriting her grandmother’s B&B would mean escape from city life and her cheating ex. She figured the most excitement she’d face would be making beds, dealing with pesky customers and the awful stench coming from her second-hand pug, Petunia. Instead, she finds herself the prime suspect in the murder of the town blackmailer.

Why did he have to die in her koi pond?

She’s soon looking for answers in the seedy-side of Reading, VT and winds up putting both feet in enough trouble for any nosy redhead. While her hometown might look shiny on the outside, she’s not sure who she can trust. Her back-up, however, consists of her flighty yet fashionable childhood friend, her grandmothers nosy neighbor and her beloved father–former town sheriff–who seems to have secrets of his own.

Never mind how great the new sheriff’s backside looks in his uniform. He’s accusing her of murder, after all.

Can Fiona uncover the truth before the handsome sheriff puts her behind bars instead of asking her out?

From readper:
Author Patti Larsen has made it easy to get into this series. You’ll find Book 2, Chocolate Hearts and Murder, at a great price, too.


Bed and Breakfast and Murder

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