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The Anonymous Series Box Set

book coverThe Anonymous Series Box Set

Have you met the vigilante that goes by the name, Anonymous? He’s on the hunt for his next kill…


Painted Corpses- An up and coming painter has become something of a household name in Chicago. Although the dark truths behind his paintings are hidden in plain sight—dead bodies.

The Loving Man-Eater- As beautiful socialite parties her way through the decadent playground of Hollywood, a trail of victims follows in her wake.. will Anonymous be one of them?

Red Tears- A serial arsonist is conjuring up schemes in small towns. Until Anonymous arrives.

The Road to Remember- In Nevada, a deranged man kidnaps his niece, and as far as the rest of the world is concerned she is dead and forgotten. But Anonymous does not forget so easily….

Will you help him find justice?


The Anonymous Series Box Set

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