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Murder & Mayhem Box Set

Murder and Mayhem A Limited Edition Thriller and Mystery Collection   Looking for unforgettable heroes pitted against unbeatable odds? Evil lurks in broad daylight. Conspiracies play out in the shadows. Nowhere is safe. And these 20 pulse-pounding mysteries and thrillers won’t let you forget it… Fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and John Grisham will love the USA Today and Award-Winning authors in the MURDER & […]

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Scout Selection: When Death Comes for You

When Death Comes for You A woman. A small boat. 18 dead bodies.   Dec. 1991: A woman drifts in the frigid waters of the Caribbean Sea. Eighteen dead bodies surround her, one of them a five year old child. In Boston, Haitian-American lawyer Renee François races to stop her client’s deportation to war-ravaged Haiti. But Renee must fight her own demons, and she can’t win until she knows who […]

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Review: The Lost Spy

The Lost Spy Slim Moran is the only daughter of a rakish Irish movie star. After a classical private school and college education, World War II is over and Slim finds herself working for the Red Cross in Paris. There she falls in love with a concentration camp survivor, and in 1949 after the Red Cross shuts down she opens her private investigator service to continue searching for people lost […]

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Scout Selection: Just Like Jesse James

Just Like Jesse James Four cousins, one lost treasure, one outcome.   Attending a funeral, 18-year-old Lee and his three cousins learn that their late grandfather believed a treasure was buried on the family farm, hidden there by none other than Jesse James himself. Obsessed with the legend, he spent years digging for it but died before completing his search. Convinced that the old man was onto something, the cousins […]

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The Sean Wyatt Series

The Sean Wyatt Series: Books 1-3 Box Set The first three novels in the series readers are calling “the new Indiana Jones.”   In his former life, Sean Wyatt was a trained killer. When the government needed something done quietly, he was the guy they called. Life in covert missions took it’s toll, though, and he finally made a change, taking a job with a friend’s artifact recovery agency. He […]

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Scout Selection: Rosario’s Revenge

Rosario’s Revenge (San Juan Islands Mystery Book 4) Life is complicated but death is permanent…   A man is shot dead in the street. A beloved sheriff is accused of murder. Local reporter Adele Plank knows that in the San Juan Islands things are rarely what they seem and that secrets run as fast and deep as the waters that surround them. She must fight to uncover the truth and […]

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Scout Selection: 355: A Novel

355: A Novel Who was the mysterious 355?   When hostile Redcoats invade New York, three women—a British sympathizer who becomes the spurned lover of Aaron Burr, a quick-witted rebel who listens at the keyhole of British soldiers quartered at her home, and an altruistic young widow who assists American soldiers in escaping the notorious prison ships—are recruited into Washington’s secret spy ring. Although only one of them operates under […]

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Last Chance for Murder

Last Chance for Murder In this new cozy mystery, a failed actress goes home to start over, only to be accused of murder.   One last chance to get things right. Too old for Hollywood at age 29, Lisa Chance leaves her failed acting career and a cheating boyfriend in LA and goes home to Moss Creek, Arizona. The Folly, a stately 1870s mansion in the middle of her hometown, […]

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