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Month of Magic & Fantasy Giveaway

Month of Magic & Fantasy Giveaway   Dragons and demons and spells, oh my! You’re off to see the Wizard, likewise the witch, the elves, the orcs, unicorns, fairies, not to mention vampires, werewolves and demons along with all the other inhabitants of the magical creations from the minds of 50 authors. Read and be thrilled, frightened and astonished by these stories of Magic and Fantasy. All free for at […]

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Clouds of Venus

Clouds of Venus A flying city on Venus experiences a revolution.   Dale Kinmont is a college student in post-catastrophe America. He’s lucky; he lives in one of the walled cities for the nation’s elite, and life is pleasant. He expects to graduate and find employment in his uncle’s company. Everything changes when he’s framed for murder. He’s tried, convicted, and sentenced to hard labor in the prison colony on […]

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The Frag Prince

The Frag Prince A science-fiction fairy tale.   One day an engineer prince dropped a golden multiscan down a blowhole on the frozen surface of his home asteroid. A passing “frag” (an artificial cloned lifeform designed to be imprinted with the genetic blueprint of highly trained soldiers) offered to retrieve it, and in return asked to spend just one night in the prince’s bed. The classic Grimm fairy tale receives […]

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On Sale in Thrillers

On Sale in Thrillers this Week   Two of Ian Fleming’s James Bond Kindle novels are on sale this week. Check out some of the original spymaster tales from the Cold War era for a low, low price. These are delightful reads in their own right, not just for the nostalgia they may generate. As the story goes, Ian Fleming actually served the crown during World War II as a […]

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Buy 3 get 3 from Amazon

Buy 3 get 3 from Amazon   For the month of November, buy 3 select titles on Amazon for under a buck each, and receive the same amount in credit back. It’s an ebook BOGO deal that’s hard to pass up. Select books in this offer include a wide of variety of titles and genres. Choose from thrillers, science fiction, and romance. Click over and find something great to read, […]

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Happy for You

Happy for You “The secret to happiness? I mean, who wouldn’t want that?”   Every seven years, Ciara is thrown together with a group of people born on the same day as her. There’s fun-loving extrovert Amelia, the girl Ciara wishes she could be. And serious, gorgeous Max, the boyfriend she wishes she could have. They’re all part of a long-term social study. And the subject? Happiness. Meeting them at […]

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Countdown The Wasteland Chronicles Book One   Our world is ending… How or why is unknown, but make no mistake about it, we are living on borrowed time. Millions dead in a matter of days, billions in a matter of weeks. Yet somehow through the destruction and rubble, Lenny Brewster has staked his claim on survival. A former Special Forces soldier, a current womanizing alcoholic and a hardcore survivalist, Lenny […]

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Earthweeds Falling Skies style alien invasion series.   Post-apocalyptic, alien invasion thriller: When humanity vanishes, 9 survivors must unravel the disappearance and defend Earth from invasion, while hordes of creatures swarm the planet, fighting each other for the remaining food supply. The humans must take sides, form a new alliance; and 2 boys have gifts that may change our world’s fate. “Heart-pounding sci-fi series!” About the Author: Rod Little has […]

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