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Review: David Weber’s Safehold Series

I found myself in San Marcos at the largest outlet mall in Texas a few years ago, and I wandered into a vacant storefront temporarily being used to sell off publisher overrun stock. Making my way to the science fiction and fantasy table, I came across a copy of Off Armageddon Reef, the first book in David Weber’s epic Safehold series. I bought it and got hooked. Although Mr. Weber […]

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Review: The Counterfeit Captain

I discovered Henry Vogel’s The Counterfeit Captain when he ran the novel for a Kindle Scout campaign. As a science fiction fan, I was sold on the concept from chapter one. A fighter pilot finds herself pulled into a giant spaceship, along with the bad guys. Escaping them, she finds herself deep in the ship and discovers it is set up as an artificial world, populated by relatively primitive people. […]

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Review: The Last Passenger

The Last Passenger is a recent book by Manel Loureiro. You may not recognize the name (he’s from Spain), but you might have heard about his Apocalypse Z series, a zombie thriller best selling set of titles. He’s been called “The Spanish Stephen King.” The Last Passenger is an interesting book, and the English translation is top notch. A Nazi cruise ship is discovered adrift in 1939. Everybody on board […]

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Lethal Seasons

Lethal Seasons (A Changed World Book 1) In the aftermath, everyone left will be needed to remake the world. Nick counts survivors. It’s been ten years since the virus started paring down the human population. Every summer, like an early flu season, it comes back and takes more. Nick travels the country to find communities that might barter for essentials and tries to get a headcount of those remaining. When […]

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Generation (Shadows of the Void Book 1)

Hostile aliens threaten to destroy all humanity. It’s down to one woman to stop them. Chief Security Officer Jas Harrington’s job is to protect her shipmates from danger on new worlds. For the efficient if quick-tempered Jas, that hasn’t been too hard up till now. But her captain is drug-addled, and he’s hungry for the bonuses he gets from finding valuable resources. When the captain won’t listen to Jas’ fears […]

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Review: The Invisible Library

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman offers the familiar trope of a magical place filled with books. I was immediately reminded of TNT’s The Librarians. Suffice it to say this is different, and has a decidedly more urban fantasy/ steampunk feel to it. You see, in this library time stops. So long as you’re there, you don’t age. It is filled with many, but not all, books written throughout the […]

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Review: The Trouble with Time (Time Rats Book 1)

Lexi Revellian’s The Trouble with Time was selected for a publishing contract through Kindle Scout at about the same time as my book, The Empathic Detective. I’ve enjoyed knowing her on Facebook and watching her progress on Amazon. I was very happy for her when the sequel was selected for publication through Kindle Scout, too. Obviously the book is a time thriller, which seems to be a popular genre. The […]

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Review: The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil This time, the fairy tale got it wrong! Modern takes on fairy tales have gained popularity in recent years, notably with ABC’s Once Upon a Time, now with six seasons you can binge stream off Amazon. (ABC is owned by Disney, so many of the characters exclusive to them show up in the series.) But The School for Good and Evil offers a different […]

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Yesterday’s Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal Sci-Fi Thriller

Yesterday’s Thief A telepathic detective untangles a time traveler’s mystery Eric Beckman is a mind-reading detective. Although he reads only the conscious thoughts of the people he interviews, it usually gives him enough of an edge to overcome his inexperience as a PI. But mind reading is hell on relationships. Trusting comes hard when you know what people are really thinking. The case of his life lands in his lap […]

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