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Undead Love

Undead Love finds itself in the sweet spot where The Walking Dead meets the Romance Genre. The virus came quickly, civilization collapsed, and in a few short months, humanity was no longer at the top of the food chain. For the past year, Rus has had no desire to connect with the outside world, preferring that the only company he keeps be the memories of his former life. That is […]

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Greenwood Cove

Greenwood Cove: A Sunshine Walkingstick Novel Half-Cherokee Sunshine Walkingstick investigates mysterious events in Greenwood Cove, and discovers that the water holds more than one secret.   I had three loves in my life: my daddy, him what my mama killed in cold blood; my son Henry, God rest him; and tall as an oak Riley Treadwell. I lost all of ’em, one way or t’other, ’til Riley showed up on […]

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Chameleon Assassin

Chameleon Assassin (Chameleon Assassin Series Book 1) Urban fantasy after the oceans rose and the bombs fell Libby is a mutant, one of the top burglars and assassins in the world. For a price, she caters to executives’ secret desires. Eliminate your corporate rival? Deliver a priceless art masterpiece or necklace? Hack into another corporation’s network? Libby’s your girl. Climate change met nuclear war, and humanity lost. The corporations stepped […]

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Review: Dark Siren

Dark Siren: An Ashwood Urban Fantasy Novel (Half-Lich Book 1) A supernatural bounty hunter teams up with an old flame to battle evil.   Dark Siren is the first in a truly urban fantasy trilogy by the writing team of Lee Dignam and Katerina Martinez, called the Half-Lich series. I downloaded the preview of this book and enjoyed it enough to purchase the whole thing for $2.99. Set in a […]

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Infernal Bonds (Infernal Hunt Book 2)

Infernal Bonds: Infernal Hunt – Book Two A kick-ass female protagonist tries to stop a pair of hellhounds from bringing about literal Hell on Earth. Infernal Bonds is the first full novel in the Infernal Hunt series and works as book one in the series. Not only is it a blood moon, but there’s a rare celestial alignment that means the veils between the worlds are much more fragile than […]

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Review: Storm Front (Book One of the Dresden Files)

Jim Butcher’s Storm Front, aka The Dresden Files Book One, is old, iconic, and something of a modern classic. Butcher introduced us to what is now considered a seminal twist: a wizard practicing magic in contemporary settings. Published on April Fools Day in the year 2000, it hit the New York Times Bestseller List and has been in print ever since. As I write this, its ranking on Amazon’s Kindle […]

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Native Shifter

In the 1770’s, Leotie waits for the day that Keme will ask her to be his life-bond. If only he didn’t believe he’s a coward. His father wants him to be a warrior, but he hates it. So what if he secretly trains to be a healer? He’s so much more interesting than the other young men. Then one day, outlanders come and give her people an ultimatum – to […]

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Shadow, Shadow (Book One of the Shadow Pines Trilogy)

Shadow, Shadow A shadow box grants awesome power “The four of you have been blessed with a great gift. Well, it’s a gift for you, but a curse for someone else.” Harley receives a mysterious gift on her sixteenth birthday: a shadow box. The box gives her the power to trade someone to the shadows, meaning they will disappear and cease to exist. Harley can’t imagine doing such a horrible […]

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Kelpie Snow: A Paranormal Romantic Adventure (Kelpie Tales Book 2)

Kelpie Snow A paranormal romantic adventure So how DOES a kelpie, an ex-assassin high school librarian, Santa Claus, the Flying Dutchman and the Krampus wind up going toe-to-toe with a Martian Expeditionary Force in a highly unidentifiable flying gravy bowl? Why don’t you grab a copy of this book and see for yourself? About the Author “If Harlan Ellison, Richard Matheson and Robert Bloch had a three-way sex romp in […]

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