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Empires of Shadow and Ash

Empires of Shadow and Ash A Limited Edition Collection of Dystopian Urban Fantasy Novels   Cities have collapsed. Empires have fallen. All that remains is a curse of shadows and ash. Whether you wish to dance with witches at the end of the world, cross into nefarious fae realms, or pass through the gates of hell, EMPIRES OF SHADOW AND ASH has a story for you to brave. Unwilling heroes […]

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Sicarius Soul

Sicarius Soul Ancient conspiracy meets sci-fi thriller!   Some grudges live forever, and the worst enemies are the ones you didn’t know you had… Alpha empaths are dying, executed by an assassin who leaves no psychic trace. Zara Itani derides the mystery as sloppy investigation until Danyael is injured by the assassin’s bullet. If he died, his empathic death throes would have driven everyone within ten miles to suicide. The […]

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