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Fae Prison Academy

Fae Prison Academy Dark magic, sizzling romance, and heart-pounding adventure.    My arrogance was my downfall. I thought if I played by the rules, I’d be spared from the cruelty of the vampires. Boy, was I wrong. My plant magic was supposed to keep me safe, but when a fertility plant that I created for a rich vamp is stolen, my neck is on the line. Not only do I […]

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The Cursed Fairy Tales Box Set

The Cursed Fairy Tales Box Set All three books in one box set.   As the crown princess of Austria, I’m expected to act primly and find a husband, not unleash a curse. Yet, that is exactly what happened when I touched a bespelled nutcracker. Now, I must find the magical nut Crackatook, or I will turn into a wooden doll. My father locks me up in the castle, not […]

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