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100 Kindle Books for $1

For February Amazon is hosting a new selection of 100 Kindle Books for $1.00. You can find titles in the genres of Mystery & Thrillers, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Nonfiction, and Teen & Young Adult. Head on over to their promo page today and grab something good to read.

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Amazon Freebies for Readers

We’re always happy to pass along great deals on books here at readper. Today, we’ve got a few freebies from Amazon to announce. The best part is, by trying out one of these for free you’ll help pay some of our bills, so we think that’s a great deal all the way around.   Kindle App Don’t have a Kindle? You can download the Kindle App for free, and use […]

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Introducing the Best Sellers Feature!

A new feature we’re starting today is highlighting titles that have reached the extraordinarily difficult rank of best seller status on Amazon and/or other lists. Making a best seller list is no small feat. These are often very good books, otherwise people wouldn’t keep buying them. We hope you take the time to check some of them out. Click on the Best Seller tab above to see selections and reviews. […]

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Redwood: Servant of the State

Redwood: Servant of the State A young vampire fights oppression on the outer planets   Young Servant of the State Marcus Savitch lives on Redwood, a restricted outer planet in the Janus String where humans are confined to one isolated city. Extraordinarily bright, a computer hacker and spaceship pilot, Marcus holds a dark secret. Afflicted with hematophagia, a forbidden condition compelling him to feed on blood, he lives in constant […]

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Welcome to readper

The purpose of readper is to connect readers with authors. Authors often have free or reduced priced titles available, and readers are interested in finding them. The site will specialize in the genres of urban fantasy, fantasy/science fiction, romance and paranormal romance.

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